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Ultrasonic Digital Flaw Detector MFD350B
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Jual Ultrasonic Digital Flaw Detector MFD350B

Spesifikasi Ultrasonic Digital Flaw Detector MFD350B

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MFD350B Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is a economical and practical model improved On MFD500. Except for the differences of its measuring range, working frequency and transmitted Pulse parameter, the other performances are the same as MFD500.

Based on ultrasonic pulse reflection testing principle, MFD350 controls all testing process by the Mini processor. And it has low power design and can do charge with two models such as online Charging and offline charging. And it can work continuously about 8 hours. With large capacity, Digital multi-color TFT LCD, original imported stable IC, small size, light weight, stable performance and Favorable price, MFD350 is one of our company's high promoted super cost performance and economically ultrasonic flaw detector.

With English display, master-slave menu, shortcut key and digital swiftly knob, it's designed with leading technology and can be used very conveniently.
With digital color TFT LCD display, it can choose the background color and wave color according to the environment. And the LCD brightness also can be set freely by yourself.

Designed with high performance security-guarantee battery module, it's easy for disassembly and assembly. And it can charge independent with offline. And the large capacity and high performance Lithium ion battery module make the instrument' Continuously working time to above 8 hours, With small size and light weight, the instrument can be hold by one hand. It's durable in use and lead industry trend.

0~ 6000mm (at steel velocity); Range selectable in fixed steps or continuously variable.

Spike excitation with low, middle and high choices of the pulse energy.

Pulse Repetition Rate: Manually adjustable from 10 to 1000 Hz.

Pulse width: Fixed, nonadjustable

Damping: 100Ω , 200Ω , 400Ω Selectable to meet different resolution and sensitivity need.
Probe work mode: Single element, dual element and through transmission;

Real-time sampling at 160MHz high speed enough to record the defect information.
Rectification: Positive half wave, negative halfwave, full wave, and RF
dB Step: 0dB, 0.1 dB, 2dB, 6dB step value as well as auto-gain mode

Alarm with sound and light.

Total 100 configuration channels store all instrument operating parameters plus DAC/AVG curve; Stored configuration data can be easily previewed and recalled for quick, repeatable instrument Setup. Total 1000 datasets store all instrument operating parameters plus A-scan. All the configuration channels and datasets can be transferred to PC via USB port.

Peak Hold: Automatically searching the peak wave inside the gate and hold it on the display.

Equivalent diameter calculation: Find out the peak echo and calculate its equivalent diameter.

Continuous Record: Record the display continuously and save it to the memory inside the Instrument.

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